Slow Combustion Wood Fireplace

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Slow Combustion Fireplace

- Often just called 'wood heater'

A slow combustion wood fireplace from Chazelles will keep your home warm and cosy during the winter. The first part to maintaining a slow combustion fireplace is the type of wooden logs used for burning. In each state of Australia there are a variety of woods available for burning and Chazelles recommends using hardwoods as the density creates a brighter flame and burns for longer than timber and softwoods.

Each fireplace is tested in the advanced engineering and manufacturing factory to maintain high heating efficiencies. Slow combustion wood heating can only be attained by correctly controlling the supply of air to the fire chamber and using a dry, dense hardwood. The wood burning fireplace range from Chazelles contains both manual and automatic airflow systems to maintain the adjustments to the air intake vents. Slow combustion fireplaces have been designed as a speciality from Chazelles for over 50 years. Each new fireplace model has passed the AUS/NZ Standards tests.

Airflow & Combustion

All Chazelles Fireplaces containĀ an advanced airflow system to assist with the slow combustion burning of the wooden logs. A direct vent airflow system is a prefabricated air ducting system connected to the metal fireplace. This assists to create a slow combustion system where air is fanned in through the intake vents and then the hot air is dispersed throughout the home.

airflow diagram

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Slow Combustion Wood Types

Hardwoods burn for longer than softwoods and the best burning firewood is not only dry but dense. Softwoods require twice the amount of logs to achieve the desired temperature. Wooden logs can be purchased from a local hardware store, renewable forestry plantation or directly from a wooden log supplier. Chazelles can recommend suppliers from each state in Australia.

slow combustion wood logs

  • Oak
  • Jarrah
  • Red River Gum
  • Ironark
  • Beech
  • Boxwood
  • Hardwood Timber
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