Radiant Collection

Chazelles Radiant Collection Of Wood Fireplaces.

Specially designed to heat large homes.
The Radiant Collection of wood fireplaces has an impressive range of unique features

Wood Fireplaces

  • COLIBRI Wood Fireplace

    The COLIBRI freestanding fireplace is perfect for homes where there is no existing fireplace or chimney.

  • D70 Wood Fireplace

    The D70 wood fireplace is the basic model for home heating with wood burning fireplaces. It is the smallest fireplace…

  • C700L Wood Fireplace

    The C700L fireplace is designed for installation into an existing fireplace. It showcases the splendor of an open wood fireplace.

  • C700R Wood Fireplace

    With similar features to the C700L such as energy output and value for money but with additional wood fireplace features.

  • C800L Wood Fireplace

    The C800L fireplace is one of Chazelles most popular wood fireplace. It is designed for installation into an existing space.

  • C800R VE Wood Fireplace

    The C800R VE fireplace is a landmark in design and technology. It is designed for installation into an existing wood…

  • C800R Wood Fireplace

    Aesthetic beauty, high quality and top performance has the made the C800R wood fireplace a popular choice.

  • CG800L Wood Fireplace

    This superb wood fireplace offers one of the most impressive curved glass fronts available on the market.


Double Sided Wood Fireplaces