Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace Surrounds & Fireplace Mantles


With a wide range of fireplace surrounds available, a Chazelles fireplace can match with any home or designed space.

All Chazelles fireplace surrounds and mantelpieces are designed and manufactured in our French factory. Our team of highly skilled artisans and stonemasons have over 75 different natural and fabricated materials available to work with. You can select from options such as stone, granite, and marble originating from quarries in France, Portugal, Italy, and Brazil. You can choose from other modern finishes such as oak timber, slate, stainless steel, and glass. Your design can be a purely decorative piece or it can incorporate functional features such as shelves, a storage space, or a mantle to be used to display family photos or art and sculptures. Style options available include Contemporary, Classical, Antique, and Country Rustic, or we can custom make a design made by you or an architect to fit your own exact design and specifications.

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Antique, Contemporary, Country, Rustic & Classic Fireplace Surrounds by Chazelles Fireplaces