Hot Air Ducting System

Hot Air Ducting System for Fireplaces

The Chazelles Hot Air Ducting System captures radiant heat generated by your wood fireplace and gas fireplace. Then distributes the warmth to different rooms within your home.

Advantages of the system include:

  • Reduced home heating costs.
  • More homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the whole house.
  • Optimized output efficiency of the fireplace.
  • Reduced temperature difference between floor and ceiling.

hot air ducting system new parts

Our new hot air ducting system for chazelles fireplaces can be purchased before or after a newly renovated home.

hot air ducting system for home fireplace

Chazelles hot air ducting system for homes will evenly disperce hot air from the fireplace to all corners and rooms of the home.

Enhance Your Home Fireplace With The Chazelles Hot Air Ducting System

The unit is fitted with a fan that has a maximum capacity of 500M3/H for blowing hot air through the room vents. The Hot Air Ducting System distributes hot air from the fireplace to selected rooms through a network of flexible insulated ducts. The fan is connected to the fireplace with a 3-metre minimum flexible aluminum pipe. This pipe starts close to the firebox inside the fireplace structure of the Radiant Collection or is directly connected to the firebox of the Design Collection fireplaces.

A bypass vent is used to balance the network ducting system. It is installed in the same room as the fireplace and is connected to the fan with a minimum of 2 metres of flexible aluminum pipe. To avoid depression inside the fireplace structure, ambient hot air from the fireplace room is mixed with hot air sucked from the fireplace. Depending upon the number of connected rooms, a repartition box, “T” or “Y” section is installed in the middle of the insulated ducting pipes to despatch hot air to each room in the home network.

For additional information about the Chazelles Fireplaces: Hot Air Ducting System, please download the 2 pdf's below.