Why would I choose a fireplace made from double skin steel and firebricks?

All fireplaces made from heavy-duty cast iron are very heavy in weight and consequently, fireplaces larger than 900 mm are too heavy to easily transport and install.

For this reason, Chazelles developed the Design Collection so we have product solutions for every size and type of installation. Fireboxes in the Design Collection are made from heavy-duty double skin steel and firebricks. This combination of materials ensure the fireboxes are lighter in weight, especially if they are over 900 mm, providing customers with easier and more flexible installation options without compromising their heating requirements.

The benefit of the double skin design structure is to maximise the radiation and convection that is generated between the two skins. The ambient air of the room is naturally drawn through the bottom of the unit and is heated to a very high temperature as it travels between the two skins. The hot air is then released from the top of the unit back into the room.

To compensate the thermal inertia normally found in the cast iron models, fireboxes in the Design Collection are completely lined with firebricks. These firebricks are fully removable, helping to lighten the weight of the firebox for transportation and installation.