French Factory


Chazelles’ French factory; Chazelles Cheminee; has one of the most modern heat testing laboratories in Europe and is equipped with the latest in advanced technology industrial robotic systems to manufacture and deliver consistent, superior fireplace products. Using a Toyota Production System (TPS), the robots are used for all aspects of production: from assembly of the fireboxes through to the application of high thermal resistant paint and the drying of fireboxes in high temperature ovens. The TPS ensures quality control throughout the production process including the manufacture of precise spare parts.

Managing the TPS and supervising the manufacturing operation is Chazelles’ team of skilled technicians. They test all products before they are packed and shipped to ensure they comply with European and Australian standards. In addition, our technicians inspect all fireplaces to ensure they maintain and meet the top-level standard associated with the Chazelles brand.

Research has played an important role in the evolution of Chazelles products. Through our ongoing research and development program, Chazelles highly qualified engineers are continually improving our product range in key areas such as design, heating technology and clean air technology. This has resulted in products with improved power output, energy efficiency, and reduced smoke emissions.

Chazelles is committed to delivering environmentally friendly products. Our products are manufactured to meet the very strict environmental requirements of the Flamme Verte; a European Union based charter energy rating system. Currently Chazelles products are rated with a 4 out of 5 star rating for efficiency, environmental and air quality. By 2015, our target is for all Chazelles products to be upgraded to a 5 star rating.

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